2018 Style goals inspired by 2017


I hope you all started off the year safe and ready to hit the ground running. As this is a time of reflection, reviewing the year that was 2017 and making plans and changes for 2018. I thought I’d share my personal style goals for 2018 inspired by some style Godesses of 2017. So many great ones but I had to zero in on these two particular women;

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: A brilliant Nigerian author, famous for her Ted talk “We should all be feminists“. She has in the past year decided to wear only Nigerian made clothes and that to me, is absolutely exceptional. When asked about her choice she said “I was drawn to clothes that were slightly unusual, quietly quirky, as long as they never sank to the level of costume.” And she went on to say “So what if I wore only Nigerian designers to public events? I would be supporting the different layers of the industry, from the button-sewer to the delivery person, and I hoped to bring other buyers to Nigerian brands.”

I find hers to be a daring, sophistication, with an air of confident chic type of style. And her choice to wear only Nigerian made clothes has inspired me to stock up more on not only Rwandan made clothes(peep my Buy Rwandan series) but also generally, African made clothes because let’s face it, there are not as many Rwandan made clothes brands as there are in Nigeria. But also because I strongly believe that we have the most vibrant and diverse fashion industry and I want to indulge. 🙂

Wearing She’s deluxe
Wearing Moofa, Lagos
Wearing Zohi Taglit

Nomzamo Mbatha: Renown South African actress and model, ambassador for Neutrogena and Puma in SA. This girl has been on fire the past couple of years but even more so in 2017. Her ability to shine and look so effortlessly stylish is what has inspired me. Never afraid to show a bit and sometimes a lot of skin, and this goes to show how confident and comfortable in her skin she is. My goal for 2018 is to express myself more, be more daring and not allow a lack of confidence to stop me from trying things I want to try.(read explore my love & appreciation for plunging necklines:) )

2017 BET Awards - Arrivals
Wearing Rich Factory


Wearing Toju Foyeh

And lastly, drawing some inspiration from the most recent Afropunk festival in SA, the street style as captured by Trevor Sturman for Vogue UK. My mission over the next year is to find *my* edge, I think it just might be the tonic my personal style needs. For me edge is all about combining clothing, footwear and accessories in unconventional and unexpected ways. But what is edgy to one person may not be for the next. It all needs to be personalized. So cheers to more edge in 2018!

Trevor sturman1
By Trevor Sturman
Trevor sturman.3
By Trevor Sturman
Trevor sturman.2
By Trevor Sturman
Trevor sturman.0
By Trevor Sturman

So what about you? What are your 2018 style goals? Please do share in the comment section down below.

As always,

Live, Laugh, Love & Stay Stylish



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