Yes Pleats! | Buy Rwandan series

Something Rwandan X Something off shoulder X Something pleated = Yes Pleats! 🙂

Still on the #BuyRwandan series, my second ‘Buy Rwandan series’ post features this colorful necklace by Inzuki which I bought a while ago. I got a couple of these and they’re my go to whenever I need to brighten up my outfit.

On the other hand, who else was/is not very keen about the off shoulder trend? Put your hand up in the comment section down below. 🙂 Speaking of trends, who else thinks chockers need to go? I absolutely loathe those things, if I see you wearing one know that I’m judging you even if I dont say it.

But I digress, apologies! I was sold on this particular top because it’s not the fully off chest & shoulder type. So I paired it with a pleated midi skirt because even though I’m not about trends, I’m sorta kinda about trends. 🙂

Photography: Simyphotography









Outfit details: Neckpiece: Inzuki, Top: New look, Skirt: Primark, Shoes: Primark

To check my first post on these series, click ‘Buy Rwandan series’ .

Love to hear from you guys, share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below.




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