Happy in my moshions | Buy Rwandan series

|Bringing you some Moshions goodness this hump day.

I liked what Moses of Moshions was making for the guys so I worked with him to make me something similar, I mean who likes being left out from nice things? Not me! We piggybacked on his signature detailing and came up with this beautiful comfy shirt dress.

Speaking of which, the #MadeinRwanda movement has been pushed so much but I personally think we look at it from one angle. Are we(the locals) actually buying these Rwandan made products? Do we even have the desire to #BuyRwandan? I know I do, I believe a lot of us do. We want to invest and promote our own, but I’ve found that many of these #MadeinRwanda products are not very pocket friendly. So who’s the targeted market in this somewhat new movement?

Yes we get it, it’s expensive to produce.. fabric… quality… and so much more. However, is it better to have a perfect design that looks great on a hanger or runway model than to grow and maintain a customer base both HOME and eventually abroad? These are all questions that need to be addressed. So all I’m trying to say in so many words is… Let’s look at all the angles as we continue to push this movement forward.

With all that being said I love me some #MadeinRwanda so here I am bringing you a series of my Rwandan buys, some affordable, others not so much. Starting with this shirt-dress by Moshions, I’ve dedicated my next 30 personal style posts to feature some thing Rwandan.

Photography by @Simyphotography



Bag: Thrifted, Shirt dress: Moshions, Shoes: Missguided







What do you think about #MadeinRwanda? Do you #BuyRwandan? Who are some of your favorite designers? Do you have any recommendations of designers I should review/feature in the future?*wink*

Know anyone creating something cool you think I should check out? We love to hear from you, leave us a comment down below tell us what you think and give us your recommendations.

Thanks for stopping by.




7 thoughts on “Happy in my moshions | Buy Rwandan series

  1. Nice one gurl, great pics. u shd check out Uzi collections, since shirt dresses really look great on you


  2. Aww, this is very empowering and we are glad to have you a client and contributor to the growth of fashion industry in our home country , bless !


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