London photo journal

I’ve been feeling abit nostalgic and craving some travel so I thought I’d share my most recent trip in pictures.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-22 at 11.34.46

I was in London for a few weeks in December. Lost most of my pictures but I was able to salvage just a few for a photo journal. You’ll find that most of the pictures were taken at night, that’s because I was working Monday through Friday and the only chance I got to put on my tourist hat was after work. Or over the weekend, although I prefered to stay in the comfort of my bed with the heater turned all the way up due to the December winter cold.


London eye



Favorite things: Christmas markets!! Where you’ll find the best food and mulled wine!! For those who are not familiar with mulled wine, it’s of European origin usually made with red wine together with various mulling spices and sometimes raisins. It is served hot or warm in the winter days and I’m telling you, it’s like christmas in a glass, the absolute best!!






Trafalgar square



Btw, this is no statue, it’s a real person.





Best thing about this trip was visiting family in Liverpool and meeting my lovely niece and nephews for the first time!



Another best thing… shopping of course!

My colleagues kept asking me if there were any culture shocks I encountered as it was my first time in Europe but to be quiet frank I still can’t think of any thing that really shocked me. Yes there’s a lot that’s different but nothing jaw dropping.

I remember this one night as we sat on the tube(London’s underground transportation) with my colleague, a couple right across from us started to make out and my colleague started to freak out for me. I asked him to chill out and let me watch in peace. Lol.

London is such a lovely city and so is Liverpool and there’s sooooo much to see, I hope I’ll be able to capture more when I go back.. My African a** was never ready for the winter so I’m hoping to visit again in a more favorable weather.

I vlogged about my escapades here, do check it out and subscribe to my channel for more.

You can also share with us in the comment section below any culture shocks or favorite moments from your trips, home or abroad. We love to here from you.




PS: Apologies for the picture and video quality, my Tecno Phantom6 failed me. Jesus is still working on this baby girl. For those of you who would like to donate to get me a camera follow this link to my Gofundme page. LOL I kid, but hit me up if you’d like to help a sister out. 🙂


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