My Skydiving Experience in Diani, Mombasa

If you follow me on instagram you may have seen that I had an awesome experience in the skies of Diani, Mombasa last month.

Skydive Diani7

Story time..

So when my friends and I started planning our trip, as per usual we did some research on what to do once we were there. Our trip was going to be short(4 nights/ 5days) so we wanted to plan ahead and make sure we had the most out of it. Once I searched “Things to do in Diani” on TripAdvisor and saw Skydive Diani pop up I knew that was it.. I had to, I just had to!

I tried to convince my friends to join me but the 2 people who were up for it ended up not coming for the trip. I started to doubt if I could do it on my own but in the end decided I would. As I was adamant about this, I proceeded to book my jump through their site about 3weeks early.

Fast forward to D-DAY,  we drive in to the Skydive Diani offices which was not too far away from our villa about 5mins drive. I am handed this 3 page waiver to sign and this is where the fear kicks in. It reads something like… In case of injuries/death by free falling.. This is where my mind races and my stomach turns, what am I getting myself into? Without reading the rest of it, I signed before I could change my mind.


It begun with a brief from my instructor Mark such a lovely guy, who eases me into harnesses that are supposed to attach to him. We get into a van and head to the Ukunda airstrip. Mark tells me mine is a VIP treatment because it’s just the 2 of us jumping, I smile and say how special but there’s a tight knot in my stomach.



We arrive at the airstrip and board a doorless aircraft.We are doing a tandem jump and we’ll take the skies at 12,000 feet. As we head for the skies, I watch the beautiful view of the ocean through the doorway space. For a few minutes, I forget what’s about to happen because I’m enjoying the serene beautiful ocean.

Skydive Diani1-001


Skydive Diani5

It’s very shortlived because we are gearing towards the doorway of the plane next. I am in the front and my instructor at the back, the wind hits me.. I wasn’t ready (in Kevin Hart’s voice)! We exit and I scream on top of my lungs as the wind hits me hard. I feel like I might die for that whole minute of free falling. We are spinning.. up, down and I am still screaming. Mark prompts me to wave to the camera and even though I’m not about that life at that particular moment, I manage to forge a wave and show off the Y.O.LO writing on my palm.

Skydive Diani11

One minute of pure adrenaline! Eventually, Mark deploys the parachute and the spinning stops, the calm begins and I go back to enjoying the breathtaking view! It’s all so very surreal as we ride back to earth. We make it back safely to land on the beach. I’m so excited and pumped, hugging and high fiving Mark, wishing we’d go one more time.

Skydive Diani14

Skydive Diani15

The best adventure.. yet! If you haven’t, I recommend you do. To watch the video of my tandem jump, follow this link.

I’d love to here from you, please share what’s been your best adventure thus far in the comment section below.



7 thoughts on “My Skydiving Experience in Diani, Mombasa

  1. This is amazing. I only thought safe skydiving was only possible in dubai and was saving up for that. Thank you for sharing your experience. I will definitely do this ASAP!

    Most adventurous moment was Bungee jumping. It is extremely thrilling and liberating. Makes you feel like you are master of your own fate exactly as described in the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley. I would highly recommend you try it out. In Jinja Uganda.


    1. It’s absolutely safe in Diani! I came back unscathed for sure. Please share with us your experience once you do.

      Bungee jumping in Jinja (which is actually my birth town) is definitely next on my list. Thank you for sharing. Xxoo


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