Blogger Collabo: White × Denim

Meet Belyse of Style on the main street, the youngest blogger on these streets.

I partnered with Belyse for a series that I’ve called Blogger Collabos where one of us picks a theme and have a photoshoot based on said theme. She picked white & denim so we went with the classic white blazer and distressed jeans. We did not plan on purses instead of handbags we just happened to roll up rocking the exact same patterns. You know what they say about great minds? Yeah exactly!

Photos by Djibril Photography



My Outfit details: Jacket & Neclace: Shein, Purse: Haute Baso, Shoes: Missguided

I guess you can tell it was a fun shoot by my wide smile in all the pictures. I could not take one serious picture.

Also, I rocked an ipad case from Haute Baso as a purse.

Check out Belyse’s blog here if you haven’t already.

Tell us how you’d rock your white × denim in the comment section below. Are you likely to make the same choices we did or go another route? Share your thoughts with us.

Thanks for stopping by.



4 thoughts on “Blogger Collabo: White × Denim

  1. I love the fact that you two met, awesomeness just!
    You all look fabulous, Definitely I would make the same choice.
    Keep up the good work~Cheers


  2. You two are I love what u went for jeans are white are always are good combo I’ll try adding a white blazer it looks great. I like the purses too. Keep the collabos coming


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