Back at it


Been such a long time, I do not know where to begin but’s let’s get right into it.

I started out with this blog in 2011, it was then called something that I would not like to get into right now. It all started out as a hobby that grew into a passion. I was in my 2nd year of Uni and out of boredom I turned to the internet where I was introduced to the blogosphere. I was immediately pulled in by lifestyle & fashion blogs which birthed my own. I blogged on and off my readers being my sisters & some of my closest friends because blogging in this our lovely Kigali then = “Huh, I’m sorry you do what now?”

I kept pushing because I wanted to be better, also, I had 2/3 or maybe 5 troopers who kept encouraging me on. My biggest issue then wasn’t that people did not understand, my issue was that I wasn’t doing enough, I was not giving it my all, I had mediocre content and I knew it and this killed me. So once I had had enough and couldn’t lie to myself anymore I decide to take a break until I was ready to give it my all, till I was ready to bring content that I was content with (see what I did there?:))

Photos by Djibril Photography

The break turned out to be longer than expected.

A year passed by, 2 years passed by still nothing, all I had were excuses dressed up as reasons. I’m not ready, I’m too busy, my job is too demanding, I’m not inspired atm, I can’t possibly juggle blogging with a 9 to 5 and so many more. But all this while, my heart kept tagging at me, telling me you need to do this! You promised yourself you’d not be a sell-out, you can’t cheat yourself out of this promise.

So to cut this already too long story short, here I am back again re-launching, because my heart won’t let me be and because my dreams too are valid. There comes a time in one’s life when you just have to stop thinking and start doing, this is that time for me.


Here I am, if I am being honest, not feeling entirely ready because actually no one ever is. There’s no such thing as being ready. But now is the time to give this blogging thing my a-thousand percent, it’s the time to open up to the idea of juggling blogging with my 9 to 5. In the words of David Bowie “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

I hope that with this journey I can inspire a movement, I hope that I can inspire someone out there to find their passion again, rekindle it and fall in love all over again. I hope that someone out there like myself will choose to be better than before. I hope I inspire someone to embark on that journey they’ve always dreamed of even if the odds are not in their favour. And for us all to keep in mind that boundaries are all in our heads, we are limitless if we choose to expand our imaginations.

With this re-launch, I’m going to cover more than just personal style. I have been working on some exciting projects that I can’t wait to unfold, with fellow bloggers, fashion designers & more. I have ideas that I can’t wait to share with all of you guys.

Outfit Details: Skirt: DIY, Shoes: ASOS (Similar here), Oversized Shirt: Thrifted, Purse: Also Thrifted, Neck piece: Inzuki Designs 

Stay with me,



18 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. Hella proud that u made it, you relaunched! That in itself is great and there’s no going back from here. Ebilungi bili mu maaso!


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