2 Shades of Denim

collage 1Photos by Arthur Nkusi

They call me the queen of denim. Well, more like I call myself the queen of denim. Denim is basically my go to outfit, any day, any occasion.. That’s what’s great about denim, you can make it work anywhere.

I paired my soft shade of denim shirt with staunch denim jeans, there’s nothing more comfortable than a well fitting pair of jeans. I totally love me some denim.

Simple details can elevate an otherwise casual outfit, so I wore a gold bracelet and chain. Orange shoes and brown over-sized clutch for color.

_86A3463186A3472186A3496186A3477_86A3616186A3480collage2Thanks for stopping by.

Oh and location is somewhere in Kigali that I won’t disclose. Beautiful neh?

I hope you enjoy your week-end!

Live, Laugh, Love & Be Stylish!


4 thoughts on “2 Shades of Denim

  1. Wow i love your blog your collabo with Belyse (style on the mainstreets) its the best keep the spirit


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