Hashtag Flashback Friday


I was feeling all nostalgic, looking through pictures on my laptop so I thought I’d share some with you guys.

Tuwukate concert 2009, with TPF3 contestant Debarl, super cool dude. Chaii I was fat! Okay just a lil bit 🙂


With my beautiful friends at the concert, look at my baby locks. lol Good times!


December 2011 at the Maurice Kirya concert, I will not go back to how amazing this guy is but he is really amazing and I. will. stop. now.


After the concert, with my girls Cyndii & Illah, at shooters Dec 2011.


Kigali Fashion week 2012 cocktail party from left to right; me, Ruqaiyah Johnson of Ruby Charles, Rwandese model, Rwandese designer Patrick, Ugandan designer Gloria Wavamunno and Kenya’s Lucy Rao.


For the love of denim, 2012.


A selfie for the love of turbans, I  think this was 2011.


One of the highlights of 2013, when my bestie was crowned Miss Gender 2013.


And we were all about the lucky number 7 that night, March 2013


At the Kigali Up Festival, July 2013. Hashtag My friends are beautiful


And on that note, have a lovely weekend.



Your thoughts?

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