Of print shirts and Madiba.

Of print shirts to celebrate Mandela and his legacy.

The World mourns or if I may.. celebrates the great man that is, Nelson Mandela. A man who showed the world the power and value of forgiveness. The world is yet to experience such greatness in another human being. May his beautiful soul rest in Paradise, Power and Peace!

And of course the print to celebrate his love for patterned/print shirts as well. His shirts were always on point. Other leaders still play it safe with the typical suit and tie but Madiba is/was:-( a man of his own. I loved each and every one of them shirts.



Oh and his famous dance move, with the arms… I wish it could be a thing; like the azonto, I wish we’d have some creative artist do the Mandela dance.



My children will learn about Nelson Mandela, that’s for sho.
His name lives on.. and I for one will forever hold the memory of his statement making shirts.


Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great week ahead!


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