20 random facts about me.

186A34961. I have more torn/distressed/dechiree/what have you Jeans in my closet than not.
2. I hate fatty meat. So much so that if I go to a restaurant, I’ll ask for a steak with no fat, not even a tiny one. I can do without meat, instead of having a fatty one.
3. I’m a saltee. I eat too much salt according to people. And pepper/chilli.
4. I adore the french language.
5. I am a low key gay activist. The Irony 🙂
6. I am asthmatic.
7. I procrastinate alot. Even after I’ve learnt how evil that is. And how It won’t let me be great.
8. I used to wish I was born a guy. I still think I coulda made such a hunk. lol 9. I’ve always wanted to study law, become a lawyer you know… but I ended up studying Accounting. Law is still one of my many dreams.
10. I dislike cartoons, animations and all of that.
11. Since series/tv shows became popular, I watch movies less and less, in fact I do not watch them at all except when I go to the cinema.
12. I’ve had dreadlocks for 8 years. Still going strong, till death do us part.
13. At some point in my life, I guess my late teens, I was very intrigued by politics. So much so, that I aspired to become one. A dream sooo long gone.
14. I have an older sister that everybody swears is my twin. And it is completely ridiculous because people often confuse us for each other.
15. I may or may not, well most probably have the tiniest fingers on this planet. Oh well.
16. I’m a born again christian who hasn’t been to church in over a month which therefore means that I need Jesus as of yesterday.
17. I am a feminist. 18. I am a cry baby. And that being said.. “Tears are not a sign of weakness, they are a sign of a pure heart!” 19. I have the shortest memory EVER! I forget easily. 20. Can’t remember the last thing I was supposed to say.

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One thought on “20 random facts about me.

  1. You are just amazing lil sis….. As for the tiny fingers, you must be number 1 on the planet. Naye for you being twins with S, naaahhhhhh


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