See through

DSC02721I took these photos a while ago but never got around posting them because… well see my previous post.

I wore a sheer top, see through at the bottom and paired it with high waist pants so you actually can’t see nothing. I am a person who gets over a trend so fast, my friends say “Ndaharara” which literally means that I like something this day and I’m done with it the next. Sheer has been in for quite sometime and I’m still in with it. Wait, does that mean I’m cured of my disease? The brown booties are one of my favorite pairs of heels, I can run all around town in these. Super comfortable.






My week hasn’t been so great, graduation’s been postponed 😦 and I don’t feel so well… I’ll be fine though. Unlike me, hope y’all are having a wonderful one!:)

Live, Laugh, Love and be Fashionable.


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