Introducing Inzuki Designs + New Lookbook

Inzuki Designs is a re-known brand that specializes in jewellery, accessories and interior decor. Their philosophy is to transcend traditional Rwandan design and customize it to suit modern needs.

Launched their first lookbook last year when I was swamped with exams and couldn’t share but I was blown away with the vibrant and quality pieces. I jumped out of joy when I first discovered this brand and have since been a fan. So today I’m happy to share their new collection;

The Fluorescent Forum”.

Inspired by the elegance of Rwandan culture, the boldness of pop culture and the exquisiteness of Haute-Couture. Influenced by their unwavering love for color. Interpreted into garlands of beads, layers upon layers of multi-colored woven discs, bejeweled African prints, chunky pendants and accessorized horn.











Wowza! Infact, double wowza! 🙂 All the pieces are absolutely amazing. I love the chunky neck pieces, need them in my uncolorful life. 🙂 And to think she just started last year….. Already Greatness!

Peep on their Facebook for more info + photos:

And visit their site:

What do you think of this collection?



Your thoughts?

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