A list of my BFFs

Imaginary  BFFs that is:-)

In no particular order;

Solange Knowles

tumblr_mh1akeG2g11r3vyzbo1_r1_500This girl is on fire! I can’t help but fall for her effortless yet sophisticated style every other day.

Aren’t they soo cute? I love his bald head and beard too.

I imagine us traveling and exploring the world together. Well… “us” would be me, her, Julez and Ferg(pronounce the rrr so it doesn’t sound as.. you know) I call him that cause in my other life, we know each other like that.;-)

I love how Solange doesn’t over do it, she simply mixes patterns and gives off this amazingly unique aura. And we are connected in a way that I wouldn’t be able to explain, also she is my namesake:). We’ve been best buds for quiet sometime now and she’s my constant inspiration!

Jeannie Mai


Jeannie,my other best friend in fashion, is the TV host for Style’s “How do I look“.  The basis of our imaginary friendship is not just her incredible style, I think it’s wonderful that she works with everyday people and uses her talent to help those who need help in the fashion and self esteem area. It is my dream to have my own little makeover show and this one, she is an inspiration! And really, what are friends for if not to inspire you like that? 🙂

Blake Lively

2013-04-19We have known each other since “Gossip Girl“, I’d like to think that I went to Constance Billiard School lol. Her style is admirable. In my mind, we would get along just fine, hang and share fashion tips. And she’s too curvy for white girls. 🙂

The boys from Street Etiquette

streetetiquettejoshtravjean Pure Awesome… my brothers from another mother! Everything about their cultural and urban style makes our bond. Their blog inspires me, they connect to me so much, we were just meant to be… life long friends.
I could go on for days about my completely imaginary bffs, the list would never end. The ladies and gents above will do for now.

ION, I finished my exams and thesis.. done with my undergraduate career, graduation in a month. Excitos!!

Live, Laugh, Love & Be Fashionable.



Your thoughts?

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