Happy Festive season:)

Hello darlings, I wish y’all a Joyful festive season, hope Christmas yesterday was as great as  mine.

It’s been a month since I was here .. Tsk Tsk, not good. Anyway I’ve had pictures taken these past few weeks but I didn’t get around posting them so here goes;

DSCN4888 DSCN4891

   Studded blazer

   Neon Green Denim

   Blue  Tee, heels and bag- thrifted

This was about three weeks ago, going for Kigali Fashion week Press conference. Speaking of KFW.. Frankly, I’ve had trouble getting a hold of nice pictures #SadStoryOfAGirlWithoutACamera :(,  but something maybe coming up:)


Polka dotted top embellished with lace – Thrifted

White denim

Pink Peep Toe Heels- Thrifted

Red Velvet Purse- Thrifted



Animal Print  Shirt- Thrifted(Love me some print:))

White Denim(told ya, it was in for a rotation:))

I wore this outfit to the first Dundastar Live Performance and I’ve got to say there are lots of talented kids up in that thing, my favorite one has got to be Jean Luc, kid’s got moves, style and is real fun to watch.. look out for him! Next Live performance is on 4th don’t miss!


Necklace made by Yours Truly:)

White sweater- Thrifted

Tweed Skirt- Thrifted

Black Velvet Heels- Thrifted

As y’all may have figured by now, am one very proud thrifter:). And recently, high heels have been the order, I’ve worn flats all my life.. it was about damn time. I’ve had this tweed skirt for about 2 years and this was my second time wearing it but I absolutely love it. I wore it yesterday, and I don’t know if I had forgotten it was Christmas.. the skirt is too tight and we all know what Christmas means.. “Jesus is born for us:-), Eat, Eat some more and EAT”. Lol I had a lot to eat I thought I wouldn’t look at food for at least another month. JK<– (If you’ve watched The Dictator then you know what I mean)

Christmas Lunch:)

God has been good to me, my family and friends all through this year and I’m grateful:) And he was not yet done, Today 26th Dec 2012, Boxing day.. we unwrapped a Special Gift..  a daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter and niece was born.. Oh the JOY!

La Princess:-)

This Festive season, I pray…. Health for the sick, Happiness, Joy and Love for ALL!

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Festive Season.. Remember to;

Live, Laugh, Love & be Fashionable!



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