House of Tayo for Africa Fashion Week – London

Hello people, I’ve been as happy as they get of late, for a number of reasons.1) God has been good..scratch that God has ALWAYS been good! 2) I’m almost done with school..wait, but how’s a year to go almost? I must be o_O

3) I’m super happy BECAUSE…the Fashion industry in Rwanda is taking on a whole new image, Rwandan designers about to go in hard,am telling you the world is not ready! Yes, there I said it, y’all know I did.

I’ve been screaming bloody murder and crying over no representation at local and international Fashion shows for a looong time. My point being I know for certain there’s massive talent out here what I can’t figure out is what we’re doing wrong, what needs to be done, to make it right?

Anyhow, it was about that damn time.. Our own.. House of Tayo set to showcase at the Africa Fashion week London.


This event debuted last year and it’s second edition kicks off on Friday 3rd August. It’s a two-day event with the aim of encouraging UK and non UK based Fashion designers to showcase African beauty. It’s open to all designers inspired by Africa.


Y’all must be familiar with Matthiew Rugamba’s House of Tayo, I featured his first collection on here>>> months ago. Proud and excited he’s doing big tings.. going places!
Thanks for stopping by,
Keep it here and I’ll keep you posted!

Live, Love, Laugh and be Fashionable!

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