Hermes Menswear To Drool For

Heeeelloo beautiful people,been a looooong while, I’ve missed you kishenzi!Been away far too long..busy with school and some tiny winy bit of procrastination:-[ which today has been rebuked in Jesus’ name..

Anyhu..Hermes recently showcased their 2013 Menswear collection and like I said, It. Is. To Drool For!!Trust me I’ve been drooling and am a girl..Take a peak at my favoritos*insert Italian or is it Spanish o_O accent* and drool away!

Am I wrong to want this collection for myself?I mean look at it..very clean,rich colors,classy and sexy..Love it!Kigali Men..if you wish to put a ring on it..this is the way to go..hehe,lol..I MOST,have a matching brain..;-)

Speaking of hermes,this reminds me I recently thrifted this very gorgeous yet very old H&M handbag which am trying to coming soon!

Live,Laugh,Love and Be Fashionable!


Your thoughts?

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