INCO Unveiled

I had the pleasure of meeting the sweet and lovely Colombe Ituze, the designer behind the Fashion brand INCO Icyusa this past Sunday.So as promised,here it is the exclusive;

Tell us about the name INCO?

INCO comes from my names or rather the initials, Ituze Ndutiye Colombe

Tell me about your personal style,how would you define it?

Classy!My wardrobe is full of Black&White,my favorite colours! *I tell you,she was in all Black&White when we met,probably that one person you’ll see in black&white everyday,all year lol!I am a big fan of boots and belts too,favorite accessories.

When did you realize you wanted to become a Fashion designer?

It was back in 2005,I was in high school and used to draw some illustrations, at first i thought I could be a cartoonist but then my drawings led me to Fashion & Design.

How did you get started?

I went through a training program called “Peace through Business” in 2010 that built me and saw me put my dreams into reality.Right after the program i got my brand registered and taraaah here i am!

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get inspiration from anything and everything,I look at something and imagine it as a cloth, then I do a draft sketch!

Describe  the general process you go through to design and realise a piece of clothing.

First I do a sketch then I look for a suitable fabric to use or vice versa.There’s artistic drawing and there’s technical drawing and this is what’s refered to through the tailoring process,then the cutting,the measuring…do you want me to go on?haha..okay then in the end you have a ready to wear piece.

Do you try to keep with the trends or just create your own?

Definitely,I have to learn what the Fashion trends are,then from the trend I create it my way.Oh and certainly the seasons too.

What skills are required to be a successful Fashion designer?

Passion is the first requirement and I wouldn’t call it a skill,you have to love what you do.As for skills,one has to be creative because Fashion design is all about creating.

What are some of your accomplishments as a Fashion designer?

Launching my brand in decemeber last year,participating in Fashion shows like the Rwanda FashionFestival,AfricanFashion Fair in Nairobi,Nana Fashion show in Burundi and Inkanda Fashion event in Kigali.

Are you happy that you chose this profession?Is your career in the FI what you imagined it would be?

There’s not a single day that i regret what I do,everyday I wake up and I know am on the right track.I haven’t reached the peak,still have a long way to go but I know without doubt that we’ll get there.

What are some of your Fashion goals?

My brand to grow and reach the regional level and ofcourse the International market.

What do you wish people would understand about working in the Fashion Industry?

I really wish people would appreciate and give value to what we do.Fashion designing is not just a hobby,it’s a profession like any other.And people should learn to differentiate between tailors and designers.Tailors stitch clothes according to the design given by the client,a Fashion designer on the other hand is the creator of a new design.  

What are some of your favorite designers,local and international?

I love Louis Vuitton,his pieces are classy!And I appreciate Ally Rehmtullah’s work, too fancy.

How would you describe the Fashion industry in Rwanda?

hmm,the Fashion industry in Rwanda…Yeah,it exists, but it’s still on an incredibly low level.People who understand all this are very few so we still have a long long way to go but we’ll surely get there, there’s no doubt.

Where can readers buy your clothes?

You can get my clothes at Style Nest – Kigali City Tower(KCT) or Rwanda Nziza in Kiyovu and there’s another shop opening at Kigali Business Center(KBC) soon.


If you haven’t,check out her 2012 Lookbook i featured on the blog here:

Live,Laugh,Love and Be Fashionable!


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