Arise Magazine Fashion week -Favorites

The Arise Magazine Fashion week took place in Lagos Nigeria this past week with over 70 designers from all over the world showcasing.And here are a few of my favorites I’d like to share with you guys.

Maki Oh-Nigeria

Maki oh first caught my eye last year at the African Fashion Week and I’ve been hooked since, this year at the AMFW I got not less than what I had expected.

The collection “Dear Submission” has lot’s of chiffon,lace blouses and faux leather pencil skirts.I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention that they won the designer of the year award!

Christie Brown-Ghana

Another hub that always does it for me;


Elegance at it’s best!

John Kaveke-Kenya

I said it before,am  saying it now and will say it over and over again Kaveke’s “The Last Age of Elegance” menswear collection deserved an award!This dude took the mixture of color and fabric to a whole other level!

You see those pants on the left,now i WANT those so BAD!!!

Uti looking not so sharp!Orr am I just hating(I'm a Munya-fan:-P),on the reals though his chest looks funny don't you think?

Anyways,I think Kaveke killed it with the polka dotted blazers,highly pattered shirts and the colors, I especially love the bottom fold up pants with a different pattern!

So what do we think?

Live,Laugh,Love,Be Fashionable!


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