Nneka’s mind blowing show in Kigali

Nneka Egbun,born to a Nigerian father and a German mother is a songstress whose genre is a combination of soul,hip hop,reggae and Rn’B. She is on an East-Africa tour, made possible by Goethe-Institut!

The 31 year-old  sensational songstress graced Kigali on Monday with what I am certain, will be an unforgettable performance to many,me inclusive!In just a simple colorful dress and a denim jacket, she couldn’t have looked more beautiful.

Ishyo Art center’s basketball court was full of fans cheering and dancing to her songs.She sang “Do you love me now”,”Sweet mother”,”Heartbeat”,”My Home”,”VIP”(now this one has a story of it’s own for another day but all am gonna say is she got us all singing with her, Vagabonds in Power Ooooh!) and several others!

Her songs tell stories of Love and an end to helplessness in Africa,which makes many regard to her as an activist first, then a musician.”I wouldn’t see myself as an activist,but if there was no pain in the world,I wouldn’t sing.”says the soul songstress.

One of the best events of 2012 in Kigali,all thanks to Goethe-Institut Kigali!


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