Introducing House of Tayo

I can’t begin to describe how I felt when i found this young up-coming Rwandan designer this afternoon *sigh*.Anyyone who knows me well,knows what this means to me!

ANYWAYS, House of Tayo was founded in 2011 by Matthiew Rugamba a  student in the United States.The brand’s aim is to showcase African Sophistication, Style and Flavor through contemporary,locally made clothing and accessories.With Style influences that range from the Motown era to the works of the popular Ghanian-UK based  Ozwald Boateng,House of Tayo seek to combine elegance and class with a strong sense of African heritage.

Scheduled to launch August 2013 but incredibly enough,I found them in time for their first show in Chicago this weekend and boy am I Super Excited for them!First collection comprises African Print Snoods and Bow ties

Who says girls can't rock bow ties huh?
In the "The Future of Rwanda" article

I have to say that this is a distinctive yet creative and elegant collection and Iam irrevocably convinced House of Tayo is yet to hit big big time!For more details follow them on tumblr and like their page on Facebook

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5 thoughts on “Introducing House of Tayo

  1. Big up to my Man Matthew Rugamba and long life to House of Tayo! Let us know how we can support you Brother:-) Cheers


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