Athousand hills!

Hey there people!

So here I am, still not over the fact that I missed two Fashion shows back in December and now the pictures are here,rubbing it in!:-(

ANYWAYS the Kigali Fashion Show which was actually their first, took place on the 16th of Dec last year organised by a Fashion brand Mille Collines” born in Rwanda in 2007 the founders are two Spanish designers Marc Olivier & Ines Cuatrescas.

Their collections are timeless and their philosophy being “Trend meets Tradition”,connect women to the fast changing world of Fashion with creations that reflect Africa’s strength and sensibility!
The collection showcased, varies from jumpsuits to dresses….the clothing names are inspired by Swahili words.
I have got to mention that I loves it and I can’t wait for the next show.
That being said,I have to let the pics do the rest of the talking..
Oh and be sure to check out there Facebook page “mille collines”!




4 thoughts on “Athousand hills!

    1. How could we, how could we? *slaps,kicks & boxes self*bangs head on the wall*while you do the same*lol.Not supposed to happen again,you hear?


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