Introducing “Francis Zahabu”

We all know Francis Iraguha from  “Ndarota” the video by Miss Shanell and i bet you know his shop “Guess Who”, but what most of us didn’t know or rather what i didn’t know is that he had something brewing but now that i know…booy am excited to share.


Well, FRANCIS ZAHABU is the brand name for his clothing line so it goes without saying why am so excited.I’ve mentioned before how much it breaks my heart to see the fashion Industry in Rwanda still far behind but am glad we got our selves another designer.Baby steps am sure one day we’ll get there.

ANYWAYS fast forward,he showed a glimpse of  his work at the Alga plus size Fashion show(am late i know i suck) and this is what it looks like;

Francis on the left posing with the models

Miss Shanell was one of the models

The female jacket is so chic and wearable but i gotta say i love the men suit much more,i mean the grey jacket and red pants match perfectly.Plus the pants are very daring cause of there color  i can’t wait to see Kigali men get out of their comfort zone and rock them.

So what do you think???

Live,Laugh,Love and do remember to be Fashionable!!



9 thoughts on “Introducing “Francis Zahabu”

    1. I’m guessing you meant where could you get the jacket,yeah?If you are in kigali then “Guess who”is your shop,if not…sorry i can’t help you!


  1. Woooww,that’s amazing! I like how those colors match! Francis is doing a great job, who else could have dreamed that big? Thumbs up!
    God be with him in more to come!


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