Beaten and Bruised: Daddy de Maximo

Owner of Dadmax Agency, Daddy De Maximo Mwicira Mitali the first and  ONLY person who has established his name in the Fashion Industry in Rwanda was attacked and tortured on the 9th of Nov.

This happened in his home where he was working late on his upcoming cartoon “By The Shortcut”  when two men invaded his home,tied him up, asked him a lot of questions about the movie( which is about the genocide by the way),his love life obviously referring to him being gay.They shaved part of his hair using a knife and he was stabbed in the palm of his left hand,they tried to burn him but God spared him.

Daddy is now recovering, still working on his “movie-cartoon” and the second edition of Rwanda Fashion Festival scheduled for late-march-early-April-ish among other things.

Let’s all say a prayer for him!

ION but related(kind of like cousin lol),just the other day i was contemplating contacting him for an interview.Just putting it out there:-)


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