Kigali falls in love;Maurice Kirya

So three weeks ago , I was at home surfing the net from my cell  as we all do these days and I happened to see a black n white poster that caught my eye , I obviously clicked  on it for a close-up look and DANG! It was Maurice, a Maurice Kirya concert to take place in Kigali the poster said. I just couldn’t sink it in , you don’t  know how  a girl like me that had last heard about a Maurice concert in Kigali while I was still in boarding school felt at that moment…..

Okay for those that don’t know, Maurice Kirya is a Ugandan artist that blends R’n’B and Soul to make a beautiful and unique sound that he calls “Mwooyo”. He was the 2007 best R’n’B artist winner of the popular PAM awards and was named the 2010 winner of the RFI Discoveries Music Award. #nuffsaid for more info Google him, hommie is a STAR.

The 28th October 2011 was a day me and my girls were looking forward to, we had gotten our invitations before everybody else so the KiryaFever was on 100 (I like to state it that way). Thank goodness for twitter we were able to let him know we were excited about the show and he responded (which I do not take for granted) he is just so sweet, some of us had to Retweet every one of those responses to show off juuuuuust!nah mean….lol

The day finally arrived, we got to Ishyo Arts Centre (the venue) like 30minutes late we were so worried we wouldn’t get front seats cause the place looked full. Thanks to the guy in charge of lighting for keeping it deem inside the hall we were able to move around and in the end sat where we wanted to sit without feeling ‘em Rwandese judgmental eyes pierce our faces, now don’t act like you don’t know how we stare…..

Maurice came on stage with a lot of swag , his band was on point Michael Ouma being apart of it naw’okitegeera (I had to use some Luganda here). He sang his heart out, showed us his guitar-skills ,  told us stories in his own interesting way that I liked ,  made us whine till we touched the floor (am glad he didn’t call anyone on stage I would be telling a whole different story…just kidding) , he even cracked some jokes and had the audience laughing  mayne what can I say???? This is what good performers are made of Fellas, ya heard????

All good things do come to an end and this was no exception, we wanted it to last forever though that was how good this show was. It was everything we had expected and more. Sincerely Maurice I had the time of my life that night and I owe it up to you (and my girls Solaange,Illah n Bonney).

Illah,Maurice et moi
Bonnie with Maurice
Maurice with Solaange

If I ended this without talking about Maurice’s looks it wouldn’t be me then…..Now dude puts the “I” in FINE (yakwica wallah). I wouldn’t just listen to him sing; I would watch him sing all day and tomorrow. So do look out for the Ugandan heartthrob over twitter, facebook, YouTube, Google (I told you he’s a star).

Thanks to my bestie for letting me share my feelings n story over her blog!



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